The Project Strengthening Consumer Protection in Serbia started on 10th August 2011 and will have duration of 30 months.

Its implementation has been mandated to a consortium managed by European Profiles S.A. (Greece) in association with IBF International Consulting (Belgium), ATC Consultants (Austria), The Austrian Association for Consumer’s Information VKI (Austria) and Baines Babic.

Within the project, a number of activities in the field of consumer protection  will be implemented by the end of February 2014.
The main beneficiary is the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications оf the Republic of Serbia. Within the Ministry, the Department of Consumer Protection in the Department of Trade, Services, Prices and Consumer Protection is responsible for consumer affairs.

The main objective is to establish cooperation with all relevant stakeholders in this area, to improve the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of consumers in Serbia, in line with EU legislation and best practices.