Project outputs

Year 2014

Second national survey on consumer awareness

Final Report of the 2013 survey

Comparative report 2011 - 2013

Summary of the surveys by the Project

Seminar Traders and consumers:

Traders and consumers (English) - Grazyna Rokicka, Andrea Gagliardi

Traders and consumers (Serbian) - Ana Begenesic, Grazyna Rokicka

Law on Consumer Protection (Serbian) - Mateja Djurovic

Best practices for traders (Serbian) - Andrea Gagliardi


Year 2013

Consumer Information and Mobilization Processes

Strengthening Consumer networks workshop:

Civil society in the EU - Christiana Weidel

Strengthening and Consolidating the Consumer Networks - Graca Cabral

Seminar on unfair commercial practices:

Unfair Commercial Practices - Dr Christine Riefa

Unfair Commercial Practices and the perspective of consumer associations in Italy - Andrea Gagliardi

Training on teaching consumer law:

Publication Strengthening consumer protection in Serbia

Seminar on collective redress:

What are we talking about_Bourgoignie

Council directive on injuntions_Alexiev

Practical experience of qualified entities in bringing actions for injunction_Alexiev

Practical experiences of consumer organizations in collective redress: Italy_Pierani

Standards and best practices in reporting on consumer topics

Towards a new Law on Consumer Protection

Project management

Project opportunities for consumer protection organizations

CCR - Administrators’ Manual

CCR - Users’ Manual

Gap analysis - state system of consumer protection in Serbia

Report on state institutional setup for consumer protection in Serbia

Report on non-state institutional setup for consumer protection in Serbia

Summary report on upgrading the MFITT Department for consumer protection

IPA Project proposed amendments to chapters XI, XII and XIII of the LCP - Version 2

IPA Project proposals regarding ADRs and ODRs in Serbia

Arbitration and consumer protection: PROS and CONS

Out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes lI

Out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes l

Avenues and barriers to consumer redress

Why Consumer Complaint Register?

IPA Project proposed amendments to chapters XI, XII and XIII of the LCP

Amendments to chapter XII of the law on consumer protection

Proposed amendments to chapter XIII of the law on consumer protection

Draft strategy for consumer protection 2013-2018

The transposition of directive 1999/44/EU and 2011/83/EU by the LCP 2010

Strengthening of Serbian system of market surveillance

Market surveillance in the area of consumer protection

List of proposed amendments to the Law on consumer protection

The principle of subsidiarity and its application

Recent developments in the EU consumer Acquis

Provisions having general application and their impact on consumer policy-making


Year 2012

List of new implementing rules

Action plan for capacity building activites

The protection of consumers in services of general economic interest

Survey on consmer protection awareness and the LCP in Serbia


Year 2011

Consumer law in Serbia: From law on paper to law in action

Enhancing the role of consumer organizations

Proposed amendments to the E-trade law